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Event Speaking

A speaking engagement with Nancie allows participants to learn and be motivated from the best, plus the opportunity to ask lots of questions! Nancie’s public speaking approach is simple: have fun while learning, learn fast while listening, and leave feeling fantastic!

Real Estate Agent Coaching

The age-old real estate adage, DROP THE PRICE, not working for your agents? Learn about Nancie’s new adage, “it’s the house that sells the house!” Isn’t it time to gather long-time agents as well as new agents and turn them into #SavvySellers!

Housing Consultant to Sellers, Builders, Investors, Flippers and Remodelers

Looking to hire a consultant to ensure your home turns a profit? Never underestimate the power of Nancie’s very candid advice. If you listen, you will be able to SELL UP!

Home Staging Consultation for Sellers and Realtors

Who says you need to furnish every room in order to stage a home correctly? Or worse yet, remove everything from your home before selling? Learn the best way to stage as Nancie teaches you to think like a department store and sell LIFESTYLE!

Contributing Editor: Print Media

Looking to increase your readership with some #SavvySeller tips? Nancie’s upbeat and candid approach to the world of real estate will not disappoint!

Interview on TV or Radio

Are your looking for a respected real estate journalist and author to help your viewers and listeners gain honest and original advice on selling real estate? Nancie would love to explore how to become a #SavvySeller. Hear about her many Life Lessons on Real Estate Selling!

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